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世界選手権出場おめでとうございます!/ Congrats to the Japan NT for advancing to the FIBA World Cup!



Hi! This is Elitus' Jo Kurino.


The Japan Men's National Team did it!


The Japanese National Team defeat Qatar 96-48 to earn their ticket to the FIBA World Cup.



The last time the Japanese national team made the tournament was 2006, and the last time the made the tournament on their own strength was 21 years ago. I can remember my third year as a pro when the national team put up a good fight in the Hiroshima Group Stage. After the tourney, there were many coaching changes and the transitioning of the "Golden Age" and Hiejima generation; thus leading to a tough stretch for the team. However, with the additions of Nick Fazekas, Ira Brown, Rui Hachimura and Yuta Watanabe, this team has been added some accent.


Their play style is emblematic of Japanese-style basketball but if there is a big difference, it would be that the team has done a good job stretching the defense with pick and rolls, the speed of the team7s passing and in their physical, yet attacking defense. Also, the team is not adamant about posting up as they are able to infiltrate the paint with movement triggered by the pick action. The addition of Baba's athleticism, Shinoyama's hustle adds a layer of speed to the team's attacking defense.


Now that the team is in the big show, it's Interesting to see what Group they'll be placed in pool play. What powerhouse will they be facing?

Look forward to seeing the Akatsuki Five in August!





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