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Career Fair @ Kubasaki High School / クバサキハイスクールのキャリアフェア

Hi, this is Jo Kurino!


Yesterday (March 21st), I had the distinct pleasure to serve as a guest speaker at Kubasaki High School on U.S. Marine Base Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan.


I shared my background as a former gov't employee, internships I had, my career as a former athlete and the steps I took to become an entrepreneur. I also got to share what I do as a Wix Expert with and what I do as a Basketball Skills Coach.

元アメリカ公務員、数々のインターンシップ、元プロアスリートとしての経験、そして創業するまでの経緯を語りました。さらに、Wix.comのWix Expertとしての仕事やバスケットボールスキルコーチとしての話しもしました。

I hope the students valued the time they had and understand the work necessary to become what they aspire to be.


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