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October Schedule | 10月のスケジュール















代表 栗野 譲



this is Elitus Academy Director Jo Kurino.

I hope everyone is doing well.

The state of emergency status was lifted during the middle of last month and we are gradually holding more and more workouts. There are is still some restrictions on the military bases and local gymnasiums but we are planning to return to our regular schedule during October.

At Kitanakagusuku Gym, we will be holding our practices every Monday as usual.

We usually practice at Kaneku Gym in Kadena on Saturdays, but the facility is closed to non-residents until October 4th at the moment. However, we are planning to practice as usual afterward. I am supposed to hear more about Kaneku on Sunday, October 4th so I will follow up and let you know the status of practices. You can find the TBD dates in red on the attached calendar.

Since there are still restrictions, all Academy and Team Elitus practices will continue to be coached in two groups.

Like last month, Coach Harold Crawley will oversee the Academy and Team Elitus practices off base, and Coach Antonio Gibson will be overseeing the practices on base. In order to practice social distance, practices on base will mostly be held outdoors until restrictions are lifted. Practices will primarily be held at Zukeran or Camp Lester court.

Kitanakagusuku Gym and Kaneku Gym have ongoing restrictions to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. We at Elitus will take temperatures upon entering the gym and we will sanitize the area after using the facility. At the moment, only 30 people can be on the court at Kitanakagusuku so please be sure to contact us either by e-mail, Facebook, or LINE app before attending practices.

Also, if you have participated during the last month and have not paid for the workout sessions, please contact us.

Let's work together to return back to normalcy!

Jo Kurino

Director, Elitus Basketball Academy

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