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Tue, Jul 23



OUTWORK - Basketball Performance Training Workout

'Outwork' your competition but becoming more physical, and quicker. 誰にも負けない。当たり負けしない、強くなる、早くなるガチのバスケトレーニング。

OUTWORK - Basketball Performance Training Workout
OUTWORK - Basketball Performance Training Workout


Jul 23, 2024, 5:15 PM – 7:50 PM

沖縄市, 日本、〒904-2172 沖縄県沖縄市泡瀬2丁目3−26



この度エリータスバスケットボールアカデミーはPHYSIOFLEX社と共同で「OUTWORKーバスケットボールパフォーマンストレーニング in Okinawa」を開催します。







7月23日(火)17:00から泡瀬公民館にて沖縄出身のプロトレーナーである井上涼上馬氏(以下、「Ryoma」)があなたの限界を試すためにプッシュをします。Physioflex社代表のRyoma氏は、現在日本オリンピック委員会医科学強化スタッフとして活動中。さらに、B.League (B3)品川シティ、そして全国レベルで戦う群馬県の桐生第一高校のS&C(ストレングス・アンド・コンディショニング)コーチを勤める。そしてさらに、日本テニス協会S&Cコーチとしてパリ五輪で戦うテニス日本代表のサポートコーチを担う。





・日時:7月23日(火) 17:15 - 20:00 (17:00受付)



・定員: 50名




OUTWORK : 【Verb 】= work harder, faster, or longer than (someone else).

Elitus Basketball Academy, in partnership with PHYSIOFLEX, presents 'OUTWORKーBasketball Performance Training ’ in Okinawa.

You will not lift weights for the sake of it or run endlessly. 

You will train to become quicker and stronger, while peforming baskeball-specific training  that translates on the basketball court.

Some examples include:

-Absorbing contact and pressure

-Being in the proper body positioning to efficiently more explosively than before.

-Train to React quicker on the court.

On Tuesday, July 23rd  17:00 PM at Awase Community Center, Mr.Ryoma Inoue, an Okinawa native and professional trainer, will be leading to show to push you to your limits. Ryoma is CEO of Physioflex and a staff member for the JOC (Japan Olympic Committee) Sports Medicine Development Division. He is also currently a strength & conditioning coach for Shinagawa City in the B.League (B3), and Kiryu Daiichi High School, a national hoops power based in Gunma. He is also a support staff for the Japan Tennis National Team that will be competing in this year's Paris Olympics. 

Ryoma will equip participants with the knowledge necessary to  become stronger and faster--while pushing yourself to become mentally stronger.

Many athletes pay expensive money for private strength & conditioning training. You will have access to world class, professional-level training here in Okinawa.

Elitus Basketball Academy Director and B.League Coach Jo Kurino will be hosting the event with the support of Elitus Academy Chief of Player Development Antonio Gibson.

Event Details

・Date & Time:July 23rd (Tues) 17:15 - 20:00 (17:00 Registration)

・Location:Awase Community Center

・Qualifications:Boys & Girls above 12 years old. (College and Pro players are also welcome)

・Availability : 50 Spots

・Price:¥2,000 (Elitus Club Team Free Coupon・Current Elitus Academy Students 50% Off)

・What to Bring:Own Basketball、Appropriate attire for basketball, Basketball Shoes、Water Bottle、Towel

*Players must take off outdoor shoes and change into indoor shoes.



    セール終了: Jul 22, 5:00 PM




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