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Okinawa Cup 2019

Today, I'm at the 18th annual Okinawa Cup High School Basketball Tournament.


The tournament is being held at Okinawa City Gymnasium, the home of Ryukyu Golden Kings.


The annual event is hosted by Okinawa City and features the Okinawa Prefecture HS Champion (Tomishiro HS) and Okinawa HS Select Team versus the Winter Cup National Champion and Summer Inter-High National Champion (Kaishi Kokusai from Niigata and Fukuoka Daiichi from Fukuoka respectively); plus numerous Japanese HS powerhouses such as Hiryu H(Shizuoka).


The Okinawa JHS Select Team, Kita-Nakagami JHS Select Team, and other U12 select teams will also be playing exhibitions in their respective divisions.


The tournament will be for held all day today and tomorrow (March 16/17). 大会は今日・明日(3月16・17日)と合わせて二日間開催されています。

I will also be commentating two games between today and tomorrow on the tournament webcast.


If you want to be the best, see the best. Compete against the best. ベストになりたければ、最高峰のバスケを観る。そして戦う。

Stop by and check it out. It cost less than $1000 for the whole day. 一日を通して1000円以下で完成が出来ます。是非会場へ行って見てください。

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