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10月中の兼久体育館の屋内練習中止について | Cancellation of all indoor practices at KANEKU during October practices at K




TEAM ELITUS OKINAWAクラブチームのワークアウトにつきましては予定通り兼久海浜公園屋外で行います。軍属関係者の基地内のワークアウトも予定通りとなります。

毎週月曜日、北中城村民体育館で行われる予定のエリータスアカデミー(スクール)、及びTEAM ELITUSクラブチームの練習は予定通り開催致します。






Hello everyone,

This is Jo Kurino at Elitus Basketball Academy.

It is unfortunate to have to notify you all that due to Kaneku Gymnasium's on-going facility restrictions, all Academy sessions at Kaneku for the month of October will be canceled.

For Club Team member's we will still workout outdoors of Kaneku at the scheduled time. SOFA member's workouts on base will still be held.

Elitus Academy and Team Elitus Okinawa club team's practice at Kitanakagusuku are still on-schedule.

We will try and get the Kaneku sessions going again in November.

In the meanwhile, I will search other practice venues so we can practice indoors. If there are any parents that don't mind practicing outdoors and just want their child to get better, please contact me with your feedback.

Also, I kindly ask that if any parents have any information or connections with other gyms or court, you are welcome to contact me. If you even bring friends and it's fun, we can possibly make it a new location for Elitus near you!

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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