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Progress Reports


Hi, this is Jo!

I just a notify everyone of what's to come during the beginning of December. There will be progress reports for players that participate in Elitus Academy Central Okinawa!

If you've been working out for more than 2 months since I've started training in July, you will receive a progress report to help you gauge how well you are doing for your age group. Major skills that will be assessed are ball handling, passing, shooting, rebounding, defense, footwork, and more.

Some intangible items such as effort, initiative, conduct will also be assessed.

Going into 2019, I will institute a mastery skill each month so it will be interesting to see who will make an effort to master the skill each month. Such mastery will also be included in future progress reports.

It is always fees better to improve but it's always good when you can see progress!





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